Small (pointless) Update About How Lazy I Am…


So, I’m pretty much failing at this studying Korean thing.  On my days off work I end up playing Minecraft or GTAV Online for hours on end and when I do work I feel way to tired to do anything but lay around the house (which seriously needs to be cleaned, but I’m too lazy for that too).  It doesn’t help that now, besides wanting to learn Chinese, I’ve also developed an interest in Japanese.  I’ve decided to stick with my first love, Korean, and try not to be distracted by other languages until I make some progress.  Maybe next year I can start learning Chinese or Japanese.  I’m going to try and study for 30-60 minutes each day.  If I don’t stick to it, then oh well.  I obviously have the time and I only have myself to blame for not learning anything.

Moving on~
Camp NaNo has started, but I don’t think I’ll be participating.  It’s not too late to join in, but I really need to finish up on some other things and having a word count goal doesn’t really motivate me, so there’s not really a reason to join.  So instead of NaNo I’m going to finish editing the story I’m going to use my Createspace code on (from last NaNoWriMo).  I have the proof I just need to finish looking it over.  And then there are the, like, seven stories on Wattpad that I need to finish, ugh, why did I ever even abandon them?

Wow, okay, now that I’m done whining about everything – it’s time to do some studying!  Hopefully by my next post I will have finally decided not to be so damn lazy in everything I do.


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