New Year


Well, a new year has begun and I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing in 2013.  That’s not a big deal though since I was never trying to accomplish anything.  But this year I hope will be a bit different.  I know making a resolution is pointless since not many ever follow through or get past the first month.  But I will be setting, hopefully, realistic goals for this year. 

I am going to seriously start learning Korean.  No more putting it off in favor of sitting around doing absolutely nothing.  I’ve collected a ton of materials over the last two years.  I always said I was going to study, but then I’d watch a drama or play a game instead.  I’ve decided to keep a log of sorts on this blog detailing my progress… in minor detail since I’m lazy.  I can read Korean just fine and I know the very basics (greetings, numbers, a few grammar points and a couple phrases).

I’ve downloaded all the Talk to me in Korean lessons available, I have their level 1 book and I also have Integrated Korean: Beginning 1&2.  I’ve downloaded FSI Korean and I have Pimsleur but I don’t think I’ll actually use either of those. 

Starting today, 01/07/2014, I will begin to truly study.  I’m going to try and finish TTMIK Level 1 by the end of the week and complete the first couple lessons of Integrated Korean. 

But learning Korean isn’t my only goal for this year.  I also plan on finishing a whole bunch of stories I have sitting around on my flashdrive.  I’ve abandoned writing for a little over a year now and I feel bad about it.  There are days when I want to write and then I get home from work and sit around doing absolutely nothing productive.  I don’t know which project I’m going to start with, but I am going to finish something by the end of February…

Anyways, here’s to a new year!